The National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA) has warned super stores across the country which are importing or trading in products that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to, as a matter of urgency formalize, such dealings with the agency.
Recall that earlier in the year, the Agency directed all super stores to declare all GM products in their stores, as part of an ongoing survey to document all imported GM foods/products across the country with a view to confirming their safe status and compliance with the NBMA Act.
Director General/CEO of the Agency, Dr. Rufus Ebegba, in a renewed warning urged all super stores to comply with the NBMA Act 2015 to avoid disruption of their businesses.
The NBMA Act Part VII (22) directs that “no person, institution or body shall import, export, transit or commercialize any genetically modified organism or a product intended for direct use as food or feed, or for processing without the approval or permit of the Agency”.
The DG said that the Agency was not interested in disrupting the business of the super stores but to ensure that they comply with the NBMA Act 2015 and ensure the safety of the health of Nigerians.
“The Agency is prepared to work with super stores to formalize their GM products across the country in order to analyse and ascertain the genes of insert, and their safety to human health”.
He reiterated the Agency’s commitment to ensuring proper regulation of modern biotechnology and its products, adding that the Agency, as an unbiased umpire, will not compromise the health and safety of Nigerians.

Gloria Ogbaki
Head Press Unit NBMA


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