Call for Experts on Biosafety



Call for Experts on Biosafety and Biosecurity

The National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA) is a major stakeholder in   the   field   of   Environmental   Management with the mandate to   protect   Nigeria’s   biodiversity   from   risk   related   to   the practice   of   modern   biotechnology, emerging biotechnologies (gene drive, gene editing, and synthetic biology), the   use   of   genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and biosecurity.

The NBMA seeks Experts on Biosafety and Biosecurity from the Academia, Federal and State Governments, Industries, Research Institutes, Professional Organizations and other Stakeholders.

Experts selected are to serve on specific technical committees, participate in specialized experts’ consultation, address specific food safety, modern biotechnology and biosecurity issues, and also promote institutional strengthening associated with biosafety.

To be considered, applicants should possess;

  1. Relevant academic and professional qualification in related fields such as biotechnology, biodiversity, biosecurity, genetics, biosafety, risk assessment and risk management.
  2. Knowledge and experience in the practice and management of biosafety, biosecurity and genetic modification.
  • National and international experience in relevant areas of expertise (e.g. participation in policy, regulation and institutional development)

Subsequently, interested persons with the required expertise are invited to submit their Curriculum Vitae (CV), filled application form (which is at the top of this webpage) and a letter of motivation to the NBMA Secretariat at  (cc: no later than 4th December, 2019.


Head (Planning Research and Statistics)

for: Director General/ Chief Executive Officer


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